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Les classifications et désignations peuvent changer avec le temps et la SHBBHS fera un effort pour garder à jour cette liste mais ce n’est pas une liste officielle.
Tout édifice est à risque d’être détruit!

Intentional Loss

Only the Red (Federal) and Blue (Provincial) entries provide somewhat complex legal protection.

Since Beaconsfield is not under the jurisdiction of the city of Montreal, the listing within Grand répertoire du patrimoine bâti Montréal is without legal protection. Other recognitions such as the Patrimoine architectural de Montreal Laureat awards or have historical plaques installed provide no legal protection but they do provide valuable input for municipalities that have a by-law for granting a demolition permit.

Similarly, the designations, listings and awards given by the city of Beaconsfield or other organizations are just some of the considerations made when the Demolition committee meets through the normal 30 day permit process. Failure to obtain a permit may result in a fine.

Citing is a process by which the City has put a special status on a house. There are legal conditions that come with this status: no demolition, keep the outside look seen from the street intact, are only some of the conditions. The City can add more conditions specifically for one citation. It is not the owner who cites the house, it is the City. It could be done at the request of anyone, especially the owner but the final decision is in the hands of the City Council.

Here is the link to the explanation of citation that is defined by a law at the provincial level:

There is a form to be filled out and sent to the Ministère de la culture to be included in the Registre du patrimoine culturel:


Other Risks

Since most houses are residential homes only normal fire protection applies. Special fire protection considerations may be listed. Examples: Central connected smoke detectors, low temperature electric central heating, strict no smoking policy practiced, no functioning wood burning fireplaces or stoves, open flames banned, automatic water sprinkler or Halon gas fire suppression systems, etc.

Ceci n'est qu'une liste partielle des bâtiments historiques perdus.

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