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Summer Residents
Alex E. Christmas

Alex E. Christmas (1884-1960)

A stockbroker and an outstanding athlete, Alex Christmas built his summer residence in 1927 at 430 Lakeshore. He donated the land for the Christmas Memorial Park in 1937. This became the first park in Beaconsfield.

Alex Christmas

Andrew C. Cordner

Andrew C. Cordner is the founder of the North Eastern Lunch Co. Ltd.  He opened a chain of these popular eating-places. He built his residence in 1915 at 472 Lakeshore.

Arthur L. Drummond


Son of Sir George Drummond, Arthur L. Drummond bought a house built for J.S. Hall c1894, neighbour to his brother Huntly. He summered in Beaconsfield till 1946. The house was sold to the Jesuits and converted into a retreat house, called “Manresa Retreat House”. The street Manresa took its name from this Retreat House, which is now demolished.

Huntly Drummond


Son of Sir George Drummond, Huntly Drummond bought farm #25 from R.A. Mainwaring, a real estate dealer, in 1894. His residence was on East Gables Court. He was an accomplished athlete, as a ski jumper and a football player.

C.H. Godfrey


En 1893, C.H. Godfery built his residence, still standing at 442 Lakeshore Road. Unfortunately, due to a fire in 1937, the house original design has been lost.

David Lamoureux

David Lamoureux (1866-1930)

Born in Michigan, David Lamoureux came to Montreal and worked for MLW/CPR. In 1916, farm #4 was bought under the name of his wife, Christina Minto. In 1922, he subdivided farm #4 into lots (Lakeview Boulevard). His company, Mansfield Realty Corp., owned other land in Beaurepaire, in Beaconsfield and in Montréal. His children, including Edouard Lamoureux, were also shareholders in the company. 


He donated the boat landing at the bottom of Lakeview Boulevard to the City of Beaconsfield.

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