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City Employees
Malcolm Beaton


Malcom Beaton came to Beaconsfield in 1894, to work as a gardener for Rienzi A. Mainwaring, on farm 25. He created his own gardening enterprise. He landscaped many of the new summer residences. In 1913 the Town of Beaconsfield bought from him part of Kirkwood Avenue. The city appointed him Town Constable (1910-1917), then Town Superintendent (1917-1939). His job included being a dogcatcher, electrical inspector, policeman, gardener, … He was respected and considered an exceptional man. The children thought the town was named “Beatonsfield” after him. He built his house at 80 Kirkwood Ave. in 1913 (still standing in 2011).

Edouard Lamoureux

Edouard Lamoureux (1906-1989)



In the middle of the 1920s, Edouard Lamoureux opened a food market at 550 Beaconsfield Boulevard, at the southwest corner of Lakeview Boulevard. In 1928, Edouard asked for a permit to operate a service and gas station adjacent to his food market and opened the first gas station in Beaurepaire. His business was destroyed by fire in 1942. The food market was rebuilt after the Second World War when his brother John came back from the war. The building was totally renovated in 1955 with rental offices upstairs and an apartment behind the store. In 1971, the store was rented to Yvon Trudel. In the mid 1970s, Trudel bought the entire property including the store known as Marché Yvon.


Edouard was a shareholder in Mansfield Realty Corp, company of his father David Lamoureux.


In 1929, Edouard became the third Secretary-Treasurer for the City of Beaconsfield. He was first operating from his mother's house, at 545 Beaconsfield Boulevard. Later on, the City rented a room in the Valois farm house until the opening of the first City Hall in 1931 at 450 Lakeshore Road. Living in the house next to the City Hall was the Poulson family; in 1941, Edouard married Arthur Poulson's daughter Amelie. 

Edouard was also Chief of Police and Fire Chief during the Great Depression years. In 1951, he also cumulated the position of City Public Works Superintendent. Starting on January 1st, 1952, from Secretary-Treasurer, he became the first Town Manager of Beaconsfield.

Serving the municipality for almost thirty years, he occupied this last position until September 1955.

Thomas Arthur Light

Thomas Arthur Light (1875-1975)

Thomas Arthur Light worked for Beaconsfield as city inspector (1917-1929). A Montreal contractor, he also raised bees in Beaurepaire from 1934 to 1947. He could boast to having personal recollections of Charles Dickens.


Joseph Léon Vital Mallette

Joseph Léon Vital Mallette (1888-1939)

The first Town Secretary-Treasurer (1910-1925 and 1926-1929), J.L. Vital Mallette was replaced by Albert Daignault from May 1925 to October 1926. He was an elected Member of Parliament for the county of Jacques Cartier in 1935.


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